Will Lost Cities be available for iPad?

Right now, Lost Cities is an iPhone game and we feel the speed and purity of its gameplay make it a natural on the platform. We will look into releasing an iPad version at a later time, but have no immediate plans to do so at the moment. Of course, an iPad version would involve rethinking the User Interface and designing specifically for the device. Not just upscaling the iPhone version.

Are you planning to port Lost Cities to Android?

No, we don't have plans for Android or other mobile platforms. We love what we do and we do what we love. And that's developing for iOS and OS X. Sorry.

Is the soundtrack available?

Yes, the soundtrack album is available on iTunes.

Is there an offline two-player mode?

No, at the moment Lost Cities requires an internet connection to compete against friends with Game Center. (Of course, computer players are available offline.)

Is the computer playing fair?

Yes. The AI does only know what a human player would know at that point of the game and does not cheat. The randomicity of draws is ensured at all times.

Where can I get support?

Contact us on Twitter, Facebook or via Email.